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ID-1224 (Government license)

Trek On The Horse In The Hindu Kush Valley
Horse and Yak Treks

Maximum Altitude:    4140M
Duration:        16 days Islamabad - Islamabad
Suitable period:    June to end of September

Day-01:    Arrival to Islamabad /hotel
Day-02:    Drive to Swat Valley / hotel
Day-03:    Drive to Chitral via Lowari Pass/ hotel
Day-04:    Full day excursion to Kalash Valley
Day-05:    Drive to Mastuj/ hotel
Day-06:    On the horseback to Sholkuch/camp
Day-07:    Ridding to Mughal Mariru/ Yeshkist/camp
Day-08:    Lasht (3048m)/camp
Day-09:    Shusht/ camp
Day-10:    Ishoeru Dok (3990)/camp
Day-10:    Shah Ghari to Old Gjar via Shah Jinali /camp
Day-11:    Dershal (3300m) /camp
Day-12:    Dershal to Rua (2820m /camp
Day-13:    Zanglashe, /camp
Day-14:    Drive to Chitral/ hotel
Day-15:    Continue to Swat/hotel
Day-16:    Drive to Islamabad/hotel
Day-17:    Departure from Islamabad

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